broken washing machine with foam pouring onto floor

Frequent problems with your domestic appliances: Washing Machines

Will not Spin

If the machine is empty of water and just tumbling slowly, the Out of Balance sensors may have been activated. Take the clothes out and set the machine on a spin programme.With the machine empty and it spins okay, this means that the load was out of balance. This is often caused by single items or small loads. Adding more clothes to counter-balance the weight and start again from a rinse cycle.

If the drum does not turn at all, this could point to the the Motor Brushes or Belt.

Machine full of water. The usual cause for not spinning is to avoid damage to the machine, probably due to the outlet being blocked. Check the filter and outlet hose or call an engineer to diagnose the problem.

50 Shades of Grey

Why are my whites not white anymore? There is not one specific solution to this problem. A number of reasons can cause greyness in whites.

First check the clothes label to make sure you are washing at the right temperature.

Sort out the laundry and only wash whites with whites. Use the pre-wash programme and add Borax or half a cup of Baking Soda in the pre-wash compartment.

Do not overload the machine and remove clothes immediately at the end of the cycle.

Smelly Machine

Washing machine tubs were originally made of smooth stainless steel but current machines are often made of cheaper plastics which have a rough surface. Overdosing with powder or liquid detergents over a period of time can cause a build-up of gunge to stick to the plastic tubs and causing a bad smell.

The solution is to cut back on the amount of detergent used - the instructions on the box are only a guideline and the manufacturers want you to use as much as possible!

To try and eliminate the smell, run a hot wash (70 - 90) with a few old towels in to shake the drum around. Use washing machine cleaner in the soap compartment, you may have to repeat this a few times.

If the door seal has black marks on it, this is a sign of mildrew. The easiest way to eliminate this is to replace the seal. When the machine is not in use, leave the door and soap dispenser drawer open slightly to allow air to flow through the machine.

Leaking Door Seal

Causes for a leaking door seal (gasket) include; a build-up of limescale or dirt on the door glass which stops the glass pushing onto the door seal and creating a water-tight seal, or a torn or distorted seal.

A blocked soap dispenser will cause water to trickle out of the front and around the door seal.

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