broken washing machine with foam pouring onto floor

Frequent problems with your domestic appliances: Dishwashers

Water not getting Hot

Failure of the heating element or programmer are the two most common causes. Call an engineer to diagnose.

Water not Draining

If some water is draining away but not all, the usual cause is a partial blockage somewhere. The first step is to clean all the filters in the machine and any drainage pipework.

If no water is leaving the appliance, either there is an object jamming the pump (bone, glass etc) or the pump has seized. Call an engineer to diagnose.

White haze on Glass

Lack of salt. Fill the salt compartment to the brim. Insufficient salt causes limescale in hard-water areas.

Unpleasant smell from Dishwasher

Usually caused by the build-up of food deposits inside the machine. Make sure that all the filters are clean and clean the lower door seal as food can get trapped underneath it.

If the dishwasher is connected to the sink waste trap, dirty waste water back-filling the trap from the sink can cause bad smells in the drain hose. Use a commercial sink drain cleaner and a dishwasher cleaner in the machine.

Tablets not Dissolving

Are the spray arms blocked? Remove and clean all the holes in the spray arms with a pin.

Use hotter washes. Eco and low temperature washes to save money on electricity does not always dissolve the tablets properly.

Overfoaming When the tablets don't dissolve properly, over a length of time residude builds up and can cause too much foam in the wash cycle. This causes insufficient rinsing water to be sprayed onto the dishes resulting in poor cleaning.

An excess of foam can cause water leaks and tripping of the electricity supply.

Powder or Tablets?

Dishwashers are designed to use powder, rinse aid and salt.

When using tablets, if you are finding that the dishwasher is not cleaning properly, using separate products usually results in improved cleaning performance.

heater element covered in chalk